In the world of comfort and ease, plastic chairs used to be unimaginable conveniences. The history of design took a turn when the first ones were constructed. Today, plastic chairs are everywhere.

More to the point, plastic folding chairs are everywhere. They are commonplace at workplaces, golf courses, schools, churches and even homes. Plastic folding chairs vary in quality and aesthetics. What are the best options for your business, and how do you choose between them?

Quality Banquet Furniture

The furniture at an event does a great deal to set the tone. A gray plastic folding chair with a black steel frame doesn’t communicate anything particularly distinctive. Mostly it just says “box store.” However, it is possible to find well-designed, quality plastic folding chairs that are competitively priced.

Chiavari Chairs offers great options that will fit within any budget. These chairs function well and look great. Whether you operate a country club, convention center or event planning business, these quality plastic folding chairs will help set your event apart.

Learn what to look for in a plastic folding chair here!

Samson Series: Plastic Folding Chairs

The Samson Series is comprised of three attractive and durable options. Available in monochromatic black or white, the basic folding chair is lightweight and sleek in appearance. In addition to the basic chair, there is also a more elaborate option.

The fan back folding chair is available only in white at this time. The fan back provides an interesting pop of visual interest for any event. Users say the contoured backs are more comfortable than those on standard folding chairs. This innovative item is a perfect combination of both form and function.

The pricing for the Samson Series folding chairs is very competitive. This is helpful in keeping even large events affordable. The poly seat and steel frame are easy to clean, and each chair accommodates up to 800 pounds. These chairs are very durable. With proper care, they last for years.

Samson Series chairs are also stackable. This makes storage and transportation a breeze. Accessories like replacement foot caps and stacking carts are also available for purchase.

Chiavari Chair Company

Chiavari is an industry- leading company. Chiavari chairs are used in more than 40 countries. Our company has thousands of clients, including prestigious universities and Fortune 500 companies.

However, Chiavari pricing makes these plastic folding chairs accessible to smaller organizations as well.

Churches, local theaters, banquet halls and more have all been highly satisfied with the products and customer service available from Chiavari. Contact us today to learn more about our selections. Whatever the size of your organization, we would be delighted to discuss your needs.


Folding chairs transport easily and set up quickly for events, conferences and special occasions. As a functional and practical way to create immediate seating, folding chairs are an excellent investment for facilities and event planners who require flexible, immediate seating options. However, frequent moving, folding and transport can be hard on folding chairs; after heavy use, replacement folding chair parts can be required to keep event chairs looking their best.

Attractive Event Chairs with Replaceable Parts

High-quality folding chairs are comfortable for guests to sit on, and they look attractive while also being sturdy and strong. Although it may be tempting to select inexpensive folding chairs, your investment in high-quality chairs with replaceable parts means you can continue to reuse your chairs even when they are subjected to damage and heavy use. With a few simple repairs, the chairs will look new and be ready for your next event.

Foot Caps and Seat Cushions

Replaceable components include foot caps, carrying bags and seat cushions. Resin folding chairs can look like new again with a replacement vinyl seat. Spills, stains, tears and cigarette burns can happen during special events, and the ability to quickly repair chairs means guests won’t be inconvenienced even when accidents happen.

Get Your Folding Chair Parts Easily

Foot caps can easily be lost, yet they are an important component to prevent damage to flooring. By keeping replacement foot caps and seat cushions on hand, you can repair folding plastic chairs at a moment’s notice. As a component for event planners and busy event schedules, high-quality chairs and replacement parts help make each event go smoothly with no surprises.

Easy Repairs for Peace of Mind

For event planners, bringing all the elements together for a big event can be a stressful, difficult task, and having replacement parts on hand for the folding chairs will bring peace of mind and the ability to tend to repair needs at a moment’s notice. When inexpensive folding chairs break, you have no option but to toss them away, which can leave you short of chairs for your event. With replacement folding chair parts, simple repairs are easily accomplished, and your event can proceed as planned without delay.

Learn More About Folding Chair Parts

For more information about Chiavari Chairs and their readily available replacement folding chair parts, please contact us today. Have questions about this article? Comment below.


When it comes to transporting your Chiavari chairs, or chairs of any type, you want to be careful. Not only can you find yourself having to take more trips, dealing with storage issues, and even having problems with lifting capacity, but you could also be dealing with damage problems. You really don’t want to damage your chairs due to improper carrying and storage.

And, while the Chiavari chairs are simple and elegant enough for any occasion, the fact is you have to realize improper lifting might not just hurt the chair; it could also hurt you and your employees. Rather than suffering from a strained back or other muscle fatigue problems, look into the best ways of transporting your Chiavari chairs.

Using a Dolly

When you purchase Chiavari chairs then you absolutely have made an investment. That’s why you have to make sure you continue to protect them by moving and storing them properly. This is best done with the Chiavari chair stack dolly. The hand trucks that are built custom just for the transportation of these chairs is everything you need it to be. When you throw in the fact that any banquet, catering function, or even just regular cleaning and transportation can happen in literally minutes, then you will absolutely see the importance of improving your operation by doing things the safe way with using a Chiavari chair stack dolly.

Chiavari Stacking Chair Cover

The Right Way for Storing and Transporting Your Chiavari Chairs

When transporting or storing your stacked Chiavari chairs, you also want to provide the greatest protection for them. Whether for simple shipping, storing for periods of time, or even transporting your stacks around in the backs of trucks and on the Chiavari chair stack dolly, you absolutely should look into the Chiavari chair stacking cover. Instead of dealing with nicks, scrapes, or even other major problems that could harm your assets, be sure you protect them to the best of your ability with the stacking cover. Each cover can accommodate stacks of seven chairs.

Health Is Important

If you start to consider the need of transporting your Chiavari chairs the right way, then you cannot afford to do it incorrectly. You want to protect your chairs, of course, but you also want to protect yourself and your employees from possible injury. Make sure your business is following proper lifting procedures. Back strains can be more than just aggravating; they can be lengthy with respect to the time your employees will be out from work.

Taking time to consider the proper ways for storing and transporting your Chiavari chairs is a must for your business. Contact us today if you have more questions about this article or Chiavari chairs.

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When searching for the most cost-effective supplier of event chairs and equipment you’ll often find suppliers who seem to offer incredible deals, only to lose any price advantage to undisclosed fees. Chiavari Chair Company solves that problem with our quality Chiavari chairs and Best Total Price Guarantee on all the products we offer.

How to Judge a Good Deal

When is a good deal, really good? You need to look at the whole order. You must specifically ask if you are receiving a quote that includes everything, and assurance that there won’t be any hidden or surprise charges added on afterward. You need to know that your price is guaranteed.

When comparing prices between different suppliers you need to carefully consider certain points to make an educated decision:

  • Does the price include realistic shipping rates, or will you be shocked with additional charges?
  • Is the furniture of acceptable quality?
  • After dividing the total invoice price by the number of units purchased, have you truly realized any savings over another supplier?

Once you’ve calculated your real costs, you have to consider the true value and savings. Quality tables and chairs that will last through multiple events and into the future will ultimately earn you more money while avoiding the hassle of frequently replacing items. The Best Total Price Guarantee ensures that after taking everything into consideration, you have gotten the best possible price for the highest possible quality.

Quality Chiavari Chairs And Our Best Total Price Guarantee

What is Quality?

Unlike resellers or brokers that have nice websites that pretend to be true companies, Chiavari Chair Company manufactures and stocks our own chairs, allowing real quality control and durability. Chiavari wooden chairs are made of quality hard wood, and are built to last. If what you need is a simple banquet table, you’ll receive a table that is rugged and will last five to 10 years. Our wood Chiavari chair stands alone in the industry because it has received the highly acclaimed ANSI/BIFMA testing certification.

Resellers can only buy from distributors and have no control over the quality of the items shipped, often resulting in less than desirable durability and attractiveness. Less durable furniture will cost you money in replacement purchases which will adversely impact your bottom line. Buying our chair for $1-$2 more will give your years of extra chair life and that will translate into dozens of more rentals and substantial extra profit dollars.  Well worth the $1-$2 more.

Take a Look Now

Take a good look at the products Chiavari Chair Company has to offer. You will find a complete source of equipment for any event: banquet tables, quality Chiavari chairs, barstools and even LED lighting.

Enjoy the peace of mind of Chiavari’s Best Total Price Guarantee. If there are any problems with your order, you’ll receive world class customer service to insure that any issues are resolved promptly to your satisfaction. Financing is available.

Quality pays for itself with years of satisfactory use. Appreciate the savings you’ll reap using furniture built to serve reliably over years of use. For more information on our Best Total Price Guarantee and quality Chiavari chairs, contact us today.

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