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The Rise of Winery Weddings and Events

Once just humble producers of fermented grape beverages, wineries have increasingly become sought-after venues for all manner of upscale events. Weddings, corporate gatherings, charity galas – wineries now host them all, capitalizing on their bucolic settings and agritourism appeal. This blossoming events industry at wineries shows no signs of slowing down.

A Natural Backdrop for Celebration

Mahogany Wood Stacking Chiavari ChairWhat makes wineries such a desirable location for events? It starts with the scenery. Rolling vineyards, rustic tasting rooms, barrel-aging cellars, and sunset views over the vines provide an unparalleled backdrop for any special occasion. Wineries exude an earthy yet refined ambiance that translates beautifully for weddings, corporate retreats, fundraisers and more.

“When you’re celebrating a milestone like a marriage or company achievement, you want a setting that feels removed from the hustle of everyday life,” says event planner Miranda Reese. “Wineries offer that ‘tucked away’ feeling while still having top-notch facilities and amenities to accommodate large groups.”

Beyond their aesthetic charms, wineries are also well-equipped with event spaces, lodging, catering staff and other amenities to handle sizable gatherings. Many have purposefully invested in expanding their events capabilities as a new revenue stream.

Furniture Fit for a Vineyard Fête 

Bamboo Folding ChairOf course, pulling off a stylish winery event requires more than just the right venue. The furniture and decor must match the setting’s sophisticated yet down-to-earth vibe. That’s where our robust selection of Chivari furnishings come in, the humbly enhance the ambiance of any venue.

Chivari’s collection includes pieces perfectly suited for winery events of any size. Our Cross Back chairs, for example, blend classic design with vintage-inspired elegance. The curvedFruitwood ToughWood Folding Chair with Tan Padded Seat by Chivari FWF-TAN-AX-T 03 White Wood Chiavari BarstoolBentwood is another popular selection, as are our wooden inspired resin designs, virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. Of course, if you want real wood, you can choose from our unmatched Toughwood selection and pair them with long-feasting rustic Farm Tables, for a classic winery look.

For more intimate winery gatherings like bridal showers or corporate mixers, considerArt Deco Chiavari Chair by Chivari 45 CCMRC-ZG-T Chivari’s bar and barstool collection, including our clear options that glimmer like diamonds in the sunlight.  You might also consider our Art Deco and Infinity Chair options as elegant contrasts in cozy tasting rooms or wine caves, as guests mingle and sample hors d’oeuvres.

Larger-scale events call for grand furniture statements like our Throne and Royal chairs, offering stately warmth, ideal for sweetheart tables or lounge vignettes.

Accessorizing with the Right Accents

Once the foundational furniture is in place, our accent pieces can add those final complementary touches. Whether it’s the largest selection of customized cushions in the industry, to our staging and other accessory items, we’re prepared to help complement your winery’s classic vineyard charm.

“Our philosophy is ‘vintage modern’ – we want to offer furniture that feels simultaneously timeless and fresh,” says Chivari president, Rich Wallet. “That’s the vibeGold Resin Infinity Chair Left 45 by Chivari CIRG-ZG-T today’s winery hosts are going for. They want an aesthetic that honors the winery’s roots yet still feels contemporary and elevated.”

The Continuing Allure of the Vino Venue 

As the appetite for unique event venues grows, wineries remain an enticing yet underutilized option compared to hotels, museums or traditional ballrooms. Their naturally intimate, unhurried ambiance is a selling point for today’s couples and hosts who want an immersive experience.

We anticipate that wineries will only increase in popularity, especially as more locations elevate their capabilities. “The right venue plus the right rentals and decor can take any winery event from pleasant gathering to breathtaking experience,” a philosophy fitting hand-in-glove with Chivari’s own unique mission.

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