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Top Tips for Enhancing the Winery Experience

Your wine’s delicious, your staff superb, and with Chivari’s incredible event furniture, we can help you create unforgettable experiences that linger long beyond guests’ memorable adventures on your vintage reserve. Take advantage of the popularity of winery events by making the most of your exquisite vineyard’s entertainment options.

  1. Create a Unique Atmosphere Cultivate a distinguished setting for your tasting room Sparkling Silver Champagne Resin Steel Skeleton Chiavari Chair (Amazing Unique Color) by Chivari Right CCRCHSSP-STEEL-AX-Tas unique as the wine itself. Chivari’s elegant Chiavari chairs in various finishes like champagne glitter gold, silver, or mahogany can instantly elevate your space. Pair them with Chivari’s rustic farm tables for a perfect blend of sophistication and warmth.
  2. Get Your Branding Right Ensure your branding is consistent across all elements, including your furniture. Chivari offers customized chair and table options, allowing you to incorporate your logo or color scheme into the furniture design.
  3. Plan Seasonal Merch and Furniture While your core furniture pieces remain constant,48 x 40 Rectangle Childrens Plywood Table consider adding seasonal touches with Chivari’s versatile folding chairs and tables. These can be easily stored and brought out for special events or busier seasons.
  4. Host Game Nights Chivari’s sturdy cocktail tables are perfect for hosting 36 inch Plywood Round Cocktail Table TKITRD36M-AX-Tgame nights. Their stability ensures glasses stay put during exciting rounds of cards, wine trivia or board games.
  5. Start a Loyalty Program Create a VIP area for loyalty program members using Chivari’s luxurious lounge furniture. Our plush Throne Chairs and Royal Collection will make your most dedicated customers feel truly special.
  6. Collab With Local Businesses When hosting local artisans or chefs, use Chivari’s versatile folding tables to create pop-up display areas or tasting stations in the showrooms of local partners.
  7. Offer Wine and Food Pairings Chivari’s bar-height tables and barstools create the perfect setting for intimate wine and food pairing experiences.
  8. Host Live Music Nights Set up a stage area using Chivari’s modular staging system, surrounded by their comfortable chairs for an unforgettable concert experience.
  9. Get Outside Chivari’s weather-resistant outdoor furniture line, including bistro chairs and tables, and our clear collection that glimmers like diamonds in the sunlight, are perfect for picnics or yoga sessions among the vines.orchard wedding, drapery frames, https://partypleasersblog.wordpress ...
  10. Level up Your Website Include high-quality images of your incomparable winery featuring Chivari’s complementary furniture to give potential visitors a glimpse of the luxurious experience that awaits.
  11. Offer Wine Education Classes Set up classroom-style seating with Chivari’s comfortable folding chairs and lightweight tables, easily reconfigurable for different class sizes.
  12. Offer Kid-Friendly Activities Create a dedicated children’s area with Chivari’s colorful Petting Zoo | Harris County Public Library | Flickrkids’ chairs and tables, perfect for coloring and other activities. Who doesn’t love a petting zoo??
  13. Offer Your Space for Private Events Showcase your venue with stylish designs from Chivari’s extensive range of event furniture, from elegant Napoleon chairs to the super-durable steel skeleton. Chivari offers affordably luxurious options for any budget.
  14. Release Seasonal Wines Display your seasonal releases on Chivari’s beautiful bars, easily movable to create eye-catching displays throughout your winery.
  15. Host Themed Nights Chivari’s diverse furniture line can accommodate any theme. Use our rustic farm tables for a Western hoedown or our sleek cocktail tables for a jazz night.
  16. Create Cozy Tasting Nooks Use our intimate bistro sets to create small, private ROMANTIC AND CHIC: Speakeasy by Cutty Sarktasting areas where couples or small groups can enjoy their wine in a more secluded setting. Think Speakeasy meets Vineyard Chic.

By incorporating Chivari’s versatile and stylish furniture throughout your winery, you can create a sophisticated, comfortable, and memorable environment that enhances every aspect of the guest experience. From the tasting room to outdoor events, Chivari aims to help you provide the perfect backdrop for presenting exceptional wines and unforgettable moments.


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