Here’s Why Pros Choose Only Our Genuine Chiavari Chairs

The timeless appeal and elegant design of the genuine Chiavari chair has made it an icon in the world of event seating. But as with any popular furniture design, the market has been flooded with cheap, knock-off Chiavari chairs that try — but fail — to mimic the original design. They are sold at lower prices simply by cutting costs in materials and production. In the end, cheap Chiavari chairs are inferior. Here are a few of the major differences between real Chiavari chairs and their cheap, knock-off counterparts to help you make an informed choice for your event or venue.

Chiavari Chair Company Showroom
Chiavari Chair Company Showroom
Material Quality
Our Chiavari chairs are crafted using the highest-quality ToughWood, Resin and Steel-Core materials, all carefully selected for their durability and aesthetics. Cheaper, knock-off Chiavari chairs typically use lower-quality wood or plastics, which significantly affect durability and longevity — and will dramatically reduce your ROI. What’s more, knock-off Chiavaris may cause safety issues since they require constant maintenance and are more prone to breakage.
Chiavari Chair Company Showroom
Chiavari Chair Company Showroom
Perhaps the most significant difference between our genuine Chiavari chairs and cheap knock-off Chiavari chairs is the craftsmanship. Our chairs are manufactured to strict standards for precise fit and finish, producing a superior, polished look. And our Chiavari chairs undergo a full inspection protocol before they ship. Cheaper chairs lack our level of attention to detail — they may have rough edges, poor fit, uneven finishes, inconsistent color and other defects. With the Chiavari Chair Company, you always get the best chair, inspected for 100% quality, at the best price — and a chair that will remain beautiful — and safe —  far beyond the life of cheap knock-offs. That means lower replacement costs and higher profits for your organization. 
Clear Resin "Pro-Clear™" Chiavari Chair
Clear Resin “Pro-Clear™” Chiavari Chair
Stability and Weight Capacity
And when it comes to safety, our Chiavari chairs have been designed and manufactured to support rated weight more safely than cheap knock-offs. Materials used in the manufacture of cheaper chairs, which are typically made of inferior wood products and plastic, may significantly compromise the integrity of the chair. Our genuine ToughWood, Resin and Steel-Core Chiavari chairs are the strongest in the industry. Period.
Chair Chiavari BasicResin™ White SG Series CCPW v22 SG T Right
The Chair’s Finished Look
You want every chair to look  brand new — for every event you host! Our genuine Chiavari chairs are available in a wide variety of finish options, including traditional gold, silver, mahogany, fruitwood and others. And our Chiavari chairs can be color-customized to match event themes and decors. Cheap Chiavari chairs often have very limited finish options, due to manufacturing and cost restrictions. These cheaper knock-offs simply cannot achieve the same level of sophistication in their appearance to that of our genuine Chiavari chairs.
Longer Life and ROI
High-quality, authentic Chiavari chairs — the only chairs we sell at the Chiavari Chair Company — are built not only to appear beautiful for years — and years — but each one is built tough, ready to withstand frequent use in commercial settings with minimal maintenance. Not so with the cheap knock-offs. You’ll be replacing cheaper chairs far more often than our authentic Chiavari chairs. More prone to ear and tear, cheap knock-offs will require more maintenance. Overall, our chairs offer increased life and higher ROI.
Add the elegance of Clear Chiavari Chairs to your next event.
Add the elegance of Clear Chiavari Chairs to your next event.
In the complex, time-sensitive world of event planning, having reliable, comfortable event furnishings ready to go — without drama — is a paramount concern. While cheap knock-off Chiavari chairs may seem like a budget-friendly option initially, they often fall far short in terms of quality, durability and overall aesthetic appeal when compared to our genuine Chiavari chairs. We offer chairs that deliver timeless elegance — that lasts and lasts. Made better, lasts longer.


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