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HomeBlogA Young Journey on the Road to Chiavari - By: Aaron Erdek

A Young Journey on the Road to Chiavari – By: Aaron Erdek

A Captivating Introduction to Chiavari Chairs

As I stepped into the magnificent Florida Capitol building, during a trip to visit the legislature, I was immediately struck by the grandeur of the architecture and the attention to detail in every aspect of the design. However, what truly caught my eye were the rows of beautifully crafted Chiavari-style chairs elegantly adorning one of the primary meeting rooms. These chairs, with their distinctive curved backs and intricate embellishments, exuded a sense of timeless elegance that perfectly complemented the stately surroundings.

It was in that moment that I realized the true significance of Chiavari chairs and their ability to elevate any event or setting to new heights of sophistication. Intrigued, I embarked on a journey to explore the world of Chiavari chairs, a product I had become intimately familiar with since my father had been in the event furniture business since before I was born.

My trip to our state’s capitol infused me with a passion to learn more about the amazingly diverse products my father’s company proudly offered to his clientele.

The Toughwood Collection: Embodying Classic Charm

Fruitwood (Medium Brown) ToughWood Chiavari Chair by Chivari 45 CCWFM-ZG-TChivari.com’s extensive collection, I came to learn, showcased a remarkable range of Chiavari chair styles, starting with the Toughwood chairs. Crafted from real wood, these chairs embody the quintessential charm of traditional Chiavari design. I noticed that it was available in seven stunning colors, and quietly wondered why anyone would need such variety. My father soon explained that different clients have different tastes, and that he aimed to meet his clients’ needs in every possible way.

Imagine the warmth and elegance these chairs would bring to an indoor wedding reception or high-end corporate gala. The natural wood grains and intricate detailing create an inviting ambiance that perfectly complements refined event settings. While ideally suited for indoor venues, the Toughwood chairs can also add a touch of rustic glamour to outdoor occasions with proper protection from the elements.

Basic Resin: Affordable Durability for High-Traffic Events

For clients to whom durability and affordability are higher priorities, I came to appreciate that  Basic Resin Chiavari chairs are a better option since they’re highly scratch-resistant and capable of supporting up to 350 pounds. These chairs, as it turns out, are perfect for facilities with heavy usage, such as banquet halls, community centers, or conference venues. Who knew? I never gave it a second thought. Now, everywhere I go, I’m looking at chairs, wondering which event would benefit from which chair.

Envision rows of Basic Resin chairs at an outdoor beer garden or music festival,Chair Crossback BasicResin™ - White, Waterproof, Indoor and Outdoor NEW STYLE by Chivari Left CXPW-v22-SG-T withstanding countless visitors while maintaining their polished appearance. Or picture them at a school fundraiser, offering sturdy and low-maintenance seating that can handle the hustle and bustle of the event without breaking the budget.

The Dazzling ProClear Resin Collection

For those seeking to make a truly unforgettable impression, the ProClear Resin Chiavari chairs from Chivari.com are an absolute must-have and are truly my favorite. These spectacularly clear chairs have a diamond-like shine that is simply breathtaking, especially in outdoor settings where the sun’s rays create a dazzling, glimmering effect.

Clear Resin Infinity Chair 45 CIRCC-ZG-TI have experienced the awe-inspiring sight of these chairs lining the aisle of an outdoor ceremony, surrounded by vibrant floral arrangements – a scene straight out of a fairytale. The ProClear chairs were perfect for tying the event setting into the natural surroundings.

After discovering the beauty and sophistication of the Chiavari chair on a class trip, I have been inspired to learn and experience all I can about the Chiavari chair. Being close to my father’s company, I am being given insight into the story of these great and splendid chairs. Ever since that fateful day in that dazzling capitol building, my eyes have been open to the magnificently gorgeous world of the Chiavari chair.


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