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Bars & Stools: Clear, Resin and Wood

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It’s time to celebrate and the bar is open! The Chiavari Chair Company is ready with the stools you need for any event. Choose from in-stock Chiavari Barstools, Clear Resin Barstools, Cross Back Barstools, Ghost Barstools and Wood Chiavari Barstools. We offer huge selection, great prices and guaranteed delivery.

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Easily convert your banquet table into a bar — these plywood bar top extensions for rectangle and serpentine tables include 3 clamps to connect the bar top to the table. And our tables are commercial grade, (¾” thick plywood, fits standard table skirt clips). A finished top with 4 Coats of Polyurethane for water resistance and 2 Coats of Polyurethane on the bottom. Features 15” gauge steel legs and 100% bolt-through construction (not screws) for secure leg and runner attachment. Capacity is 120 lbs. Can also be purchased as a kit with table, bar top, skirts and clips.

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Instant bar! Quick and easy to move and setup. When assembled it”s a fully functional 48″ long bar! Height is 42″ (Industry standard bar height) and the bar’s depth is 16″ (Plenty of room for napkins, straws, etc.), with the 17″ shelf depth allows plenty of room for bottles, ice and glasses!

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