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The Original Chiavari Chair Company’s 5 MOST POPULAR Wedding Chairs

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When it’s time to celebrate, it’s time to call The Original Chiavari Chair Company! We have a huge inventory of this season’s most popular chairs of the season, along with everything the wedding and event planner needs. Great prices, amazing service and fast shipping. Here are the top 5 of the season…

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The resin folding chair is stronger and easier to maintain than wood chairs. Crafted of UV Stabilized Polypropylene Resin, our resin folding chair features a white vinyl padded upholstered seat, and never requires touch-up. Convenient built-in stacking feature. Designed for indoor and outdoor use.

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Our Gold ToughResin Mono-Frame Chair features a one-piece frame, wobble-free, construction — frame never needs to be retightened — and in addition to a gorgeous coat of paint, the color is mixed inside the resin, so scratches are concealed. Made of the highest quality K-Resin, perfect for the indoor and outdoor events. No assembly required No assembly required.

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Our Chestnut Resin “STEEL-CORE” Cross Back Chair is gorgeous and waterproof — Chestnut has become the #1 Color in the USA this season! The steel inner core is what makes our resin crossback chair the strongest and most durable chair available today. A special manufacturing process wraps a beautiful and durable resin shell around the indestructible steel core. it looks like wood. It feels to the touch, like wood.

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Now appearing at weddings everywhere! The hottest chair in the industry – our new “Pro-Clear” version is a heavy-duty grade, clear chiavari chair with reduced lines and a smoother, clearer appearance. Made of high-quality K-Resin. No sanding, repainting or staining needed.


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The Steel Core Resin Chiavari Chair is the latest revolution in the chiavari chair market. Our Country Club Series™ has an indestructible inner steel skeleton is the only way to achieve strength and the classic chiavari look! This is hands-down the very best chiavari chair available.




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