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Chiavari Comparison

Ideal for: This chair is virtually indestructible and ultra long lasting. It is ideal for events where comfort, strength, modern design — and longevity — are desired, such as corporate gatherings or upscale weddings.

Consideration: Its sleek and modern design, coupled with its strength and durability, make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. When paired with a Chivari cushion our chairs offer superior comfort without sacrificing style. When it comes to events that demand ultra-durable seating able to withstand heavy use, Chivari’s Resin Steel Skeleton Chiavari chairs are virtually indestructible.

Inside our Steel Skeleton

This cross section shows an indestructible 16-gauge Steel Skeleton, “Best In Class Steel” wrapped in resin, finished with 4 coats of high-quality automotive paint protection.

Weighs in at 9.4 pounds

Maximum capacity of 550 pounds

Price of $47.98

Available in 7 colors – Black, Gold, White, Silver, Mahogany, Sparkling Glitter Silver, and Sparkling Glitter Gold

Material: ToughResin with improved weatherproofing.

Ideal for: Events where durability and weather resistance are paramount, such as outdoor weddings, concerts or garden parties.

Consideration: For events where you need the elegant look of traditional Chiavari, but need something more durable than our basic resin chair. While maintaining a classic, sophisticated aesthetic, these chairs offer enhanced weather resistance and strength compared to standard resin models. This makes Tough Resin Chiavari chairs remarkably versatile for both indoor and outdoor venues.

Picture them lining an indoor ballroom for an upscale corporate retreat, withstanding heavy use throughout an evening of mingling and dining without showing signs of wear. Then envision those same chairs transitioning outdoors the next day for an al fresco fundraising luncheon on the venue’s patio, or backyard wedding reception. Their tough resin construction can handle direct sun exposure without fading or becoming brittle over time.

Our inner resin core matches the paint color — so even tough scratches are virtually invisible. We apply a clear coat primer and allow it to cure, ensuring a hard and resilient foundation, and for that exquisite, glossy finish, we employ automotive paint, known for its durability and deep luster. The finishing touch: An automotive shine! We apply a final clear coat to safeguard the integrity of the paint.

ProClear weight 10.0 lbs., ThinVisible weight: 9.2 lbs.

Maximum capacity of 350 pounds

Price of $52.98 – $59.98

Spectacularly clear!

Material: Resin with a diamond-like shine.

Ideal for: Weddings, graduation events, or any occasion where making a striking impression is essential. An incredible eye-catcher, especially at outdoor events where the sun makes the chairs glimmer like diamonds.

Consideration: For outdoor events, my personal favorite option is the ProClear resin Chiavari Chair. Its sleek, reflective surface is simply magical in sunlight, creating a dazzling glimmer that elevates the ambiance of any setting. ProClear resin chairs are perfect for tying the setting into the natural surroundings at garden weddings, al fresco wine tastings, or glamorous poolside soirées. The sparkling chairs mimic the way sunlight glistens on water.

Despite their rugged durability, aluminum Chiavari chairs are surprisingly lightweight for easy transport and set up. This portability lends itself well to venues with difficult access areas or events that require seating to be frequently reconfigured throughout different spaces. Here’s the bottom line: our aluminum Chiavari chairs give you the best balance of incredible light weight with exceptional strength. Our second-strongest chair and our lightest.

Weighs in at 8.4 pounds

Maximum capacity of 350 pounds

Price of $46.98 – $59.98

Available in 12 colors – Sparkling Gold, Black, Gold, White, Silver, Espresso, Mahogany, Fruitwood, Dark & Light Natural, Ivory, White Distressed.

Material: Real wood, offering a classic charm.

Ideal for: Indoor event venues and fancier special occasions where the charm of real wood adds to the ambiance.

Consideration: Chivari’s wood Chiavari Chairs are the epitome of timeless elegance, perfectly suited for upscale indoor events like weddings, galas, and corporate functions accented with refined style. The rich wood tones and classic design create an unmistakably sophisticated ambiance. While these chairs are ideal for indoor venues, they add charm and to outdoor events as well. However, susceptibility to weathering and the elements necessitates extra maintenance and care to preserve the wood chairs’ beauty and prevent premature aging or damage.

We use sustainably sourced farmed wood in all our wood products. We do not use old growth trees, we do not deforest. Plus, we plant new trees in countries devastated by deforestation.

Weighs in at 8.4 pounds

Maximum capacity of 350 pounds

Price of $31.98 – $34.98

Available in 4 colors – Black, Gold, White and Silver

Material: BasicResin, highly scratch-resistant and very durable.

Ideal for: General facilities and events, such as family picnics, churches, community centers, or conference venues.

Consideration: For event planners on a budget seeking versatile seating, Chivari’s Basic Resin Chiavari Chair offer an affordable yet reliable solution. Their durability makes these chairs suitable for a wide range of both indoor and outdoor events and venues. While they may lack the upscale elegance desired for more formal occasions, basic resin chairs provide steady performance at an unbeatable price.

All weather performance makes it ideal for high-volume settings where chairs need to be sturdy and low maintenance.

Designed for comfort and security

Our plush foam cushions are thicker than the typical industry standard. Our Velcro cushion straps are wider so they connect to the body of the cushion across a longer area and do not rip away from the cushion body. We use two lines of stitching to connect the straps, further preventing the straps from falling off. Don’t look past our superior cushion details.


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