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Chivari Design Studio: Where Chair Customization Becomes High Art

Even as a child, I was always captivated by design. Whether it was colorful paintings at a museum or extravagant ancient tapestries, I simply couldn’t get enough. So, I was especially excited when word came to me that we, at Chivari, would be bringing art to life in the form of our custom-colored elegant chairs.

The Vision

  Welcome to Chivari Design Studio, where dreams of exquisitely crafted, completely personalized chairs are transformed into breathtaking reality. This isn’t just furniture – it’s functional sculpture, made possible through a curated customization process that puts your creativity in the driver’s seat.

Building the Foundation

The journey begins by selecting the perfect foundation for your chair from Chivari’s premium material offerings: Steelix, Toughwood, ToughResin or Steel Skeleton frames. Each is meticulously engineered for maximum strength and artisan-level quality, ensuring your custom chair will be a piece to last a lifetime.

A Kaleidoscope of Possibilities

But the real magic happens when it’s time to choose your color. Unlike other studios limiting you to a standard palette, Chivari Design Studio offers a full spectrum of possibilities – literally any hue you can envision. Perhaps a daring, crimson red to be the eye-catching centerpiece of your dining room? A soothing, Scandinavian-inspired greyish-blue to create a serene oasis? Or a shimmering, fairytale fantasy with a lavish metallic or glitter finish? The options are limitless when you partner with Chivari’s color artists.

Perfecting Your Vision

Once you’ve landed on the ideal color, Chivari’s team will produce a physical sample swatch and photograph it alongside your selected Pantone color book page. This allows you to inspect the finish in exacting detail before giving approval to proceed. You can even request that a full sample chair be shipped to you, ensuring you adore every aspect of your design before it goes into production.

The Artisan’s Touch

With your enthusiastic sign-off, the real artistry begins. Chivari’s master craftspeople will spend between 60-120 days carefully handcrafting your custom chair, attending to every minute detail to bring your unique vision to flawless fruition. Great art cannot be rushed, and this lengthy process ensures your chair is a masterwork of both form and function.

Beyond the Chair

But Chivari doesn’t stop at the chair itself. Add an extra layer of personalized luxury by selecting cushions you pair, like a fine wine with dinner. From buttery leathers to rich velvets to intricately patterned jacquards, your cushions will be the perfect complementing accents.

Preserving Your Masterpiece

Cart101TBL PhotoTo maintain your chair’s pristine appearance for years and years of enjoyment, Chivari provides detailed care instructions as well as matching touch-up paint. They understand the critical importance of protecting an investment piece as precious as the customized chair you helped create.

Embrace Your Inner Artist

So why resign yourself to mass-produced, uninspired furnishings? When you commission a custom chair through Chivari Design Studio, you aren’t just purchasing a piece of decor – you’re an collaborating artist, crafting a singularly bespoke piece that will be the envy of all who gaze upon it. Indulge your creativity, embrace your individuality, and let Chivari Design Studio bring the chair of your dreams into vibrant, inimitable existence.


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