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Classic. Beautiful. Infinity Chairs.

Beautiful and completely unique. The classiest Chiavari. The Infinity Chair.

Our whimsical sibling of the omnipresent Chiavari chair, our Infinity Chair features a sleek design — a modern take on a classic chair — that adds a touch of sophistication to any event or space. The infinity-style backrest, which forms a continuous loop, gives these chairs a singularly stylish look. There’s simply nothing like it. A “must-have” for weddings, banquets, parties, and other special events, as well as in restaurants, hotels, and event venues. And since the base of the chair is the Chiavari design, your Chiavari cushions will fit our Infinity chairs. Cutting edge class, a feast for the eyes.

Scuffs and scratches are virtually invisible!

Our Infinity Chairs are not only painted — they also have the chair color mixed into the resin so if the paint scratches, any blemishes are virtually indetectable. And we use VIRGIN RESIN – 100% new resin (cast at 260-280 degrees) eliminating impurities inherent in chairs that use recycled resin, making the others appear gray, blue or dark. Super strong and low maintenance, there’s no sanding, repainting, or staining needed. Our Infinity chairs are so well built, they include a 2-year warranty on the frame — and right now, we’re giving away a free 2-year extended warranty, for a total of 4 years of coverage (a $9.98 value).

  • Resin core matches paint color — scratches are virtually invisible
  • We apply a clear coat primer for a hard resilient foundation
  • We use only automotive paint for durability and deep luster
  • A final UV clear coat safeguards the paint integrity, prevents fading
  • Strong, wobble-free construction
  • No assembly required — ships pre-assembled
  • Frame crafted using the highest quality 100% NEW resin
  • All weather performance for indoor and outdoor venues
  • Features non-stick, anti-static finish
  • Stacks 10 high for better warehouse management
  • 2-year frame warranty + 2 years extended warranty = 4 years of coverage

Why our clients love these chairs…They look great indoors, outdoors, anywhere!

We love the graceful design and timeless appeal of the Infinity chair, but it is its high-quality, all-weather performance that makes our chairs event superstars. They stand up to drenching rain or scorching sun — they’re 100% waterproof, treated for full UV protection and they’re a snap to clean. Use our chairs indoors and outdoors — they’ll be beautiful today — and beautiful tomorrow. Includes Free 2-year extended warranty, for a total of 4 years of protective coverage (a $9.98 value).

A new age redesign of an elegant classic!

Our Clear Resin ProClear™ Infinity Chair, is built to a higher standard. From our 25mm bolts and reinforced galvanized nuts, to our heavy-duty, ice-like, 100% virgin resin which produces reduced lines and a smoother, clearer appearance — we go the extra mile to produce a truly extraordinary chair. Crystal-clear, super strong. It’s a mesmerizing chair, the summit of sophistication. Worry-free — we’re giving away a free 2-year extended warranty, for a total of 4 years of coverage (a $9.98 value).

Our plush foam cushions are thicker than the typical industry standard. Our Velcro cushion straps are wider so they connect to the body of the cushion across a longer area and do not rip away from the cushion body. We use two lines of stitching to connect the straps, further preventing the straps from falling off. Don’t look past our superior cushion details.



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