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Get a Handle on Your Inventory And Make More Money

Comfortable, attractive chairs and tables are important for any event, but getting them into the proper location for set up is sometimes a hassle. Moving chairs and tables safely and quickly for a social or corporate event helps save time and money. Carts for banquet tables are an excellent investment and tool for effective event planning.

Efficient Stacking

Although event chairs are designed for stacking when they are not part of a dolly or cart system, it can be difficult knowing how many to move at a time. Lifting the stacks of chairs is awkward and can cause injuries. If chairs and tables are over stacked, they can fall and break; a system that allows you to separate the chairs into easily ­moveable units means you produce the best results.

Versatile Dollies

chair stack dolly is an excellent way to move a few chairs at a time through challenging spaces, including gravel, concrete, lawns, narrow hallways, elevators or stairs. Safe transport of your event products means you can enjoy greater efficiency while also ensuring that your chairs and tables don’t become damaged.

Chair Carts

When you need to move larger numbers of folding chairs, a cart can accommodate two stacks of chairs to make event set­up efficient and easy. Sturdy wheels mean the carts can be rolled across a variety of surfaces, and the ability to move event chairs quickly from room to room without scratches or floor damage makes carts an invaluable tool for events, and their small size makes them ideal for use in elevators.


Table Carts

Transporting tables in carts is also useful, and the tables can be either stacked on pushcarts or neatly arranged on cocktail table carts, which offer individual storage slots for safe and scratch­-free transport. A variety of sizes and styles lets you can choose carts for banquet tables that are perfectly suited for all of your event needs.

Carts for banquet tables

Addressing Storage Needs

When your event items are in storage, carts can be used to keep chairs and tables organized and safe, while also making them immediately available to move to an event area. The compact size of the carts allow for easy and organized storage. The loaded carts for banquet tables can be distributed to each room or event location as needed, and the chairs are easily set into place for immediate use.

Chiavari is an industry leaders with Chiavari chairs in more than 40 countries. Our company has thousands of clients, including prestigious universities and Fortune 500 companies.

Churches, local theaters, banquet halls and more have all been extremely pleased with the products and customer service available from Chiavari. Contact us today to learn more about our selections. Whatever the size of your organization, we would be delighted to discuss your needs.


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