Resin event chairs can take a beating while being moved and used for different occasions and events. Continuous folding, stacking and moving the chairs expose them to wear and tear and to the harsh elements of the outdoors. Food and drink spills also take away the shine and luster of chairs. Protecting and maintaining clean resin chairs is important to establish that professional look.

Regular Maintenance

Maintenance of folding resin chairs is easy. Each time chairs are stored, workers should clean and dry the chairs. Most chairs used for indoor events require relatively little cleaning other than using a soft cloth wipe down. Chairs used outdoors or that have food or beverage stains may require a more thorough cleaning.

The Cleaning Process

Resin chairs are weatherproof, making cleanup easy. Here is how resin chairs are cleaned:

  • Water and mild soap can be used to clean dirt and food stains, followed by a clean water rinse.
  • To avoid scratches, a soft brush or cloth should be used for cleaning.
  • A soft cloth should also be used to dry the surfaces of the chairs before they are stored.

Replaceable Cushions

Although maintaining clean resin chairs is relatively easy, sometimes vinyl seat cushions stained by food or drink need replacing. The cushions can be replaced easily to create that fresh, new look.

Clean resin chairs with replaceable cushions

Covered Storage and Transport

Protective covers or carrying bags can be used to keep chairs clean and ready for your next event. A canvas carrying bag contains four separate compartments for each chair. For simple storage, a cover for stacked chairs prevents dust and grime from collecting on your chairs.

Clean Chairs for Spectacular Events

Clean, beautiful chairs are important for every event and can be used to promote some beautiful decoration ideas. Contact Chiavari Chair Company today for beautiful folding resin chairs, covers and seat cushion replacements to keep your inventory of event chairs looking fresh and new.


Comfortable, attractive chairs and tables are important for any event, but getting them into the proper location for set up is sometimes a hassle. Moving chairs and tables safely and quickly for a social or corporate event helps save time and money. Carts for banquet tables are an excellent investment and tool for effective event planning.

Efficient Stacking

Although event chairs are designed for stacking when they are not part of a dolly or cart system, it can be difficult knowing how many to move at a time. Lifting the stacks of chairs is awkward and can cause injuries. If chairs and tables are over stacked, they can fall and break; a system that allows you to separate the chairs into easily ­moveable units means you produce the best results.

Versatile Dollies

chair stack dolly is an excellent way to move a few chairs at a time through challenging spaces, including gravel, concrete, lawns, narrow hallways, elevators or stairs. Safe transport of your event products means you can enjoy greater efficiency while also ensuring that your chairs and tables don’t become damaged.

Chair Carts

When you need to move larger numbers of folding chairs, a cart can accommodate two stacks of chairs to make event set­up efficient and easy. Sturdy wheels mean the carts can be rolled across a variety of surfaces, and the ability to move event chairs quickly from room to room without scratches or floor damage makes carts an invaluable tool for events, and their small size makes them ideal for use in elevators.


Table Carts

Transporting tables in carts is also useful, and the tables can be either stacked on pushcarts or neatly arranged on cocktail table carts, which offer individual storage slots for safe and scratch­-free transport. A variety of sizes and styles lets you can choose carts for banquet tables that are perfectly suited for all of your event needs.

Carts for banquet tables

Addressing Storage Needs

When your event items are in storage, carts can be used to keep chairs and tables organized and safe, while also making them immediately available to move to an event area. The compact size of the carts allow for easy and organized storage. The loaded carts for banquet tables can be distributed to each room or event location as needed, and the chairs are easily set into place for immediate use.

Chiavari is an industry leaders with Chiavari chairs in more than 40 countries. Our company has thousands of clients, including prestigious universities and Fortune 500 companies.

Churches, local theaters, banquet halls and more have all been extremely pleased with the products and customer service available from Chiavari. Contact us today to learn more about our selections. Whatever the size of your organization, we would be delighted to discuss your needs.


Cocktail tables sometimes earn not so wholesome reputations. At first mention, the tall tables conjure images of noisy, smoky nightclubs. However, cocktail tables are actually one of the most versatile and useful pieces of furniture. Check out these other uses for cocktail tables.

Other Uses For Cocktail Tables

Let’s Get Together: Singles events are a great way to use cocktail tables. These tables add a touch of class to any event. Using cocktail tables can be a great way to compel people to meet and socialize in small groups by encouraging intimacy.

Before Or After: A cocktail table is a great choice for pre- or post-event gatherings, such as graduations. The tables are small and portable to allow for interesting or unusual arrangements that allow for guests to circulate at gatherings.

Great for Networking: In the same way, they can be a great addition to business networking events. While cocktail tables can accommodate chairs, they can stand alone.

Focus on the Stage: Cocktail tables are useful for events where the goal is to keep the focus on a speaker or a specific group of people. If a events showcase stage performers, cocktail tables are the ideal choice. Rather than large groups of people talking at other types of tables, two or three people can be grouped at the smaller cocktail tables to direct focus at the center of attention.

Coffee and brunch meeting

Coffees or Brunches: The versatility of cocktail tables creates a lighter, more relaxed tone for coffee hour and light-brunch events.  For brief daytime occasions, cocktail tables can be lifesavers. The tables convey a sense of lightness and brevity.

Stand Up: Prolonged sitting may help foster harmful health conditions. The tall tables offer guests a socially acceptable way of taking advantage of healthy postures.

Where To Get Cocktail Tables
Chiavari Chairs is a leaders in the event equipment industry. With more than 5,000 satisfied clients, this company is known for the quality of its products and its excellent customer service.

Our cocktail tables are second to none. These are durable and good-looking pieces of furniture, offered in both square and circular tops with adjustable heights. Whether covered with tablecloths or showing off the attractive light finish, these tables will add something special to any number of events. Contact Chiavari today for all of your event furniture needs.


The material making up your folding banquet tables matters far more than just its aesthetic appeal. Wood and plastic not only look different but also have distinctively different compositions on a molecular level that make them well-suited for different environments and exposure resistances.

The best banquet tables for you will be the kinds that have the right structural properties to withstand the demands of their placement, the surrounding elements and how much material you need them to support. When choosing between wood and plastic, keep the following ideas in mind so that you can have tables that properly suit your needs.

The Weight Of It All

First and foremost, wooden tables are always heavier than plastic tables. If weight isn’t a concern, wooden tables are the better choice.

Plastic tables are far lighter than wooden tables, which make hosting outside events more convenient and easier. Plastic tables are also water resistant and more suitable for outdoor activities.

Corrosion-Fighting Abilities

Plastic has better corrosion resistance than wood, which makes it better able to resist acid damage and chemical weathering as it ages. Wooden banquet tables won’ have the same level of resilience against exposure to any kind of acidic material. The corrosion resistance quality helps provide protection against citrus spills. Wood and plastic folding banquet tables are both strong and sturdy.

Chiavari Chair Company offers a wide selection of folding banquet tables for all occasions in both wood and plastic.

Easy Cleaning Is Tops

Some people say plastic tables are easier to clean because of flatter and groove-free surfaces; others say it’s easier to remove liquid stains from wood with less of a chance of discoloring.

Making The Choice With Chiavari

Chiavari Chair Company offers a wide selection of folding banquet tables for all occasions in both wood and plastic. After you’ve decided what table material is best for you, feel free to take a look through the Chiavari selections for an assurance of quality.


In the world of comfort and ease, plastic chairs used to be unimaginable conveniences. The history of design took a turn when the first ones were constructed. Today, plastic chairs are everywhere.

More to the point, plastic folding chairs are everywhere. They are commonplace at workplaces, golf courses, schools, churches and even homes. Plastic folding chairs vary in quality and aesthetics. What are the best options for your business, and how do you choose between them?

Quality Banquet Furniture

The furniture at an event does a great deal to set the tone. A gray plastic folding chair with a black steel frame doesn’t communicate anything particularly distinctive. Mostly it just says “box store.” However, it is possible to find well-designed, quality plastic folding chairs that are competitively priced.

Chiavari Chairs offers great options that will fit within any budget. These chairs function well and look great. Whether you operate a country club, convention center or event planning business, these quality plastic folding chairs will help set your event apart.

Learn what to look for in a plastic folding chair here!

Samson Series: Plastic Folding Chairs

The Samson Series is comprised of three attractive and durable options. Available in monochromatic black or white, the basic folding chair is lightweight and sleek in appearance. In addition to the basic chair, there is also a more elaborate option.

The fan back folding chair is available only in white at this time. The fan back provides an interesting pop of visual interest for any event. Users say the contoured backs are more comfortable than those on standard folding chairs. This innovative item is a perfect combination of both form and function.

The pricing for the Samson Series folding chairs is very competitive. This is helpful in keeping even large events affordable. The poly seat and steel frame are easy to clean, and each chair accommodates up to 800 pounds. These chairs are very durable. With proper care, they last for years.

Samson Series chairs are also stackable. This makes storage and transportation a breeze. Accessories like replacement foot caps and stacking carts are also available for purchase.

Chiavari Chair Company

Chiavari is an industry- leading company. Chiavari chairs are used in more than 40 countries. Our company has thousands of clients, including prestigious universities and Fortune 500 companies.

However, Chiavari pricing makes these plastic folding chairs accessible to smaller organizations as well.

Churches, local theaters, banquet halls and more have all been highly satisfied with the products and customer service available from Chiavari. Contact us today to learn more about our selections. Whatever the size of your organization, we would be delighted to discuss your needs.


Folding chairs transport easily and set up quickly for events, conferences and special occasions. As a functional and practical way to create immediate seating, folding chairs are an excellent investment for facilities and event planners who require flexible, immediate seating options. However, frequent moving, folding and transport can be hard on folding chairs; after heavy use, replacement folding chair parts can be required to keep event chairs looking their best.

Attractive Event Chairs with Replaceable Parts

High-quality folding chairs are comfortable for guests to sit on, and they look attractive while also being sturdy and strong. Although it may be tempting to select inexpensive folding chairs, your investment in high-quality chairs with replaceable parts means you can continue to reuse your chairs even when they are subjected to damage and heavy use. With a few simple repairs, the chairs will look new and be ready for your next event.

Foot Caps and Seat Cushions

Replaceable components include foot caps, carrying bags and seat cushions. Resin folding chairs can look like new again with a replacement vinyl seat. Spills, stains, tears and cigarette burns can happen during special events, and the ability to quickly repair chairs means guests won’t be inconvenienced even when accidents happen.

Get Your Folding Chair Parts Easily

Foot caps can easily be lost, yet they are an important component to prevent damage to flooring. By keeping replacement foot caps and seat cushions on hand, you can repair folding plastic chairs at a moment’s notice. As a component for event planners and busy event schedules, high-quality chairs and replacement parts help make each event go smoothly with no surprises.

Easy Repairs for Peace of Mind

For event planners, bringing all the elements together for a big event can be a stressful, difficult task, and having replacement parts on hand for the folding chairs will bring peace of mind and the ability to tend to repair needs at a moment’s notice. When inexpensive folding chairs break, you have no option but to toss them away, which can leave you short of chairs for your event. With replacement folding chair parts, simple repairs are easily accomplished, and your event can proceed as planned without delay.

Learn More About Folding Chair Parts

For more information about Chiavari Chairs and their readily available replacement folding chair parts, please contact us today. Have questions about this article? Comment below.


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