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Folding Banquet Tables: Wood or Plastic?

The material making up your folding banquet tables matters far more than just its aesthetic appeal. Wood and plastic not only look different but also have distinctively different compositions on a molecular level that make them well-suited for different environments and exposure resistances.

The best banquet tables for you will be the kinds that have the right structural properties to withstand the demands of their placement, the surrounding elements and how much material you need them to support. When choosing between wood and plastic, keep the following ideas in mind so that you can have tables that properly suit your needs.

The Weight Of It All

First and foremost, wooden tables are always heavier than plastic tables. If weight isn’t a concern, wooden tables are the better choice.

Plastic tables are far lighter than wooden tables, which make hosting outside events more convenient and easier. Plastic tables are also water resistant and more suitable for outdoor activities.

Corrosion-Fighting Abilities

Plastic has better corrosion resistance than wood, which makes it better able to resist acid damage and chemical weathering as it ages. Wooden banquet tables won’ have the same level of resilience against exposure to any kind of acidic material. The corrosion resistance quality helps provide protection against citrus spills. Wood and plastic folding banquet tables are both strong and sturdy.

Chiavari Chair Company offers a wide selection of folding banquet tables for all occasions in both wood and plastic.

Easy Cleaning Is Tops

Some people say plastic tables are easier to clean because of flatter and groove-free surfaces; others say it’s easier to remove liquid stains from wood with less of a chance of discoloring.

Making The Choice With Chiavari

Chiavari Chair Company offers a wide selection of folding banquet tables for all occasions in both wood and plastic. After you’ve decided what table material is best for you, feel free to take a look through the Chiavari selections for an assurance of quality.


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