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Quality Chiavari Chairs And Our Best Total Price Guarantee

When searching for the most cost-effective supplier of event chairs and equipment you’ll often find suppliers who seem to offer incredible deals, only to lose any price advantage to undisclosed fees. Chiavari Chair Company solves that problem with our quality Chiavari chairs and Best Total Price Guarantee on all the products we offer.

How to Judge a Good Deal

When is a good deal, really good? You need to look at the whole order. You must specifically ask if you are receiving a quote that includes everything, and assurance that there won’t be any hidden or surprise charges added on afterward. You need to know that your price is guaranteed.

When comparing prices between different suppliers you need to carefully consider certain points to make an educated decision:

  • Does the price include realistic shipping rates, or will you be shocked with additional charges?
  • Is the furniture of acceptable quality?
  • After dividing the total invoice price by the number of units purchased, have you truly realized any savings over another supplier?

Once you’ve calculated your real costs, you have to consider the true value and savings. Quality tables and chairs that will last through multiple events and into the future will ultimately earn you more money while avoiding the hassle of frequently replacing items. The Best Total Price Guarantee ensures that after taking everything into consideration, you have gotten the best possible price for the highest possible quality.

Quality Chiavari Chairs And Our Best Total Price Guarantee

What is Quality?

Unlike resellers or brokers that have nice websites that pretend to be true companies, Chiavari Chair Company manufactures and stocks our own chairs, allowing real quality control and durability. Chiavari wooden chairs are made of quality hard wood, and are built to last. If what you need is a simple banquet table, you’ll receive a table that is rugged and will last five to 10 years. Our wood Chiavari chair stands alone in the industry because it has received the highly acclaimed ANSI/BIFMA testing certification.

Resellers can only buy from distributors and have no control over the quality of the items shipped, often resulting in less than desirable durability and attractiveness. Less durable furniture will cost you money in replacement purchases which will adversely impact your bottom line. Buying our chair for $1-$2 more will give your years of extra chair life and that will translate into dozens of more rentals and substantial extra profit dollars.  Well worth the $1-$2 more.

Take a Look Now

Take a good look at the products Chiavari Chair Company has to offer. You will find a complete source of equipment for any event: banquet tables, quality Chiavari chairs, barstools and even LED lighting.

Enjoy the peace of mind of Chiavari’s Best Total Price Guarantee. If there are any problems with your order, you’ll receive world class customer service to insure that any issues are resolved promptly to your satisfaction. Financing is available.

Quality pays for itself with years of satisfactory use. Appreciate the savings you’ll reap using furniture built to serve reliably over years of use. For more information on our Best Total Price Guarantee and quality Chiavari chairs, contact us today.

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