Serpentine Bar Top Riser for Serpentine Banquet Tables


Bar Top Riser Plywood Serpentine 84″, 12″ Wide, Metal Edge



Serpentine Bar Top Riser Product Information:

• Easy convert your 84” serpentine banquet table into a bar.
• Can also be purchased as a kit with table, bar top, skirts and clips
• 84” long plywood bar top riser for 84” (tip to tip measurement) serpentine tables
• 3 clamps connect the bar top to the rectangle table
• A great way use current assets to increase your profitability with a bar.
• Commercial grade, ¾” (.75”) thick plywood (fits standard table skirt clips)
• 4 Coats of Polyurethane on the top for water resistance
• 2 Coats of Polyurethane on the bottom
• Aluminum “C” shaped protective edge that wraps around the table, not just the edge
• Powder coated legs to prevent rusting
• Leg Color: Silver
• 15” Gauge Steel Legs
• 100% bolt-through construction (not screws) for leg and runner attachment.
• Capacity: 120 lbs. static load.
• Weight: 21.00 lbs. (Ultra-Strong Design)
• Length: 84.00” (Measured from Tip to Tip)
• Length: 93.00” (Measuring the Outside Arc)
• Width: 12.00” (30” is industry standard)
• Height: 12.00“ (when added to a 30” tall table it creates a 42” tall industry standard bar)
• Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

Additional information

Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 84 x 12 x 2.5 in


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