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Steelix Tolix Style Chairs


Our Steelix chairs are rustproof, lightweight, and stackable up to 10 high, making them easy to store and move around. They’re weatherproof, durable, and perfect for various settings like restaurants, cafés, or any indoor or outdoor event. Stylish and easy to clean, available in galvanized or colorful finishes, adding texture to any space.


Made from high-quality sheet metal, our Steelix chairs are designed for all weather use. The original Tolix chair was designed by Xavier Pauchard in 1934 and today our Steelix chairs feature high-quality steel and are precision welded to guarantee the durability needed for the demands of the hospitality environment. Features a 6-step waterproofing process and fitted with rubber feet to protect flooring. Available in a rainbow of colors.


This traditional metal design has become a favorite at restaurants, pizza parlors, Mexican grills, ice cream shops, and even outdoor cafes. They love the versatility — available in tons of colors, these chairs are great at setting or matching your venues color palette. And the smooth metal surface makes these chairs easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about mold or heavy scrubbing.

Are they strong? It doesn’t get any stronger than steel. You’re buying a chair that can take daily abuse from customers and still look great for years.

Long lasting! Our Steelix chairs are going to last a long time. They’re almost indestructible. That’s why restaurants love them. It’s an investment that will last a long time.

Rubber feet. Our Steelix brand Tolix Style Chairs include rubber feet to protect your flooring from the steel legs.


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