There are so many Chiavari Chairs, where does one start?  There are traditional wood chairs.  There are resin chairs.  There are resin Chiavari chairs with an inner steel skeleton.  Then there are clear Chiavari chairs.  So let’s take a moment to highlight the similarities and differences of our vast line of beautiful Chiavari Chairs:

What is a Chiavari Chair?

What is a Chiavari Chair?This is the most pressing question to answer.  What is a Chiavari Chair?  What’s the difference between a real Chiavari Chair and a faux Chiavari Chair?

A Chiavari chair is a type of lightweight, elegant chair that is popular for special events such as weddings, parties, and formal gatherings. The chair is named after the Italian city of Chiavari, where it is believed to have originated in the early 19th century. The design originally featured a wooden frame, often made of beechwood, with a distinctive slender and graceful appearance.

Key characteristics of Chiavari chairs include a slatted or spindle backrest, a slightly curved and contoured seat, and legs that curve outward and then back in toward the bottom.

Chiavari chairs are known for their simple yet sophisticated design, making them a popular choice for upscale events and venues.

Chiavari chairs are often used in both indoor and outdoor settings, and they come in various finishes and colors to suit different aesthetics and themes. While the original design was made of wood, you may also find modern versions made from materials like clear resin, color matched resin, and steel reinforced among others. Chiavari chairs are prized for their versatility, comfort, and timeless style.

ToughResin Chiavari ChairMahogany ToughResin™ “Mono-Frame” Chiavari Chair

Our ToughResin Chiavari Chairs are made of 100% ToughResin.  Our ToughResin is a synthetic polymer that is UV protected and 100% waterproof.  There’s no wood so there’s no rot or fungal mold.  There are only five (5) rust protected screws that hold the seat in place with the frame underneath the seat.  The rest of the chair is constructed from a single solid mold.

  • Waterproof
  • No rust
  • No rot
  • No warping
  • Lightweight

Our ToughResin Polymer gives you a strong, yet lightweight classic Chiavari Chair that lasts longer.  Plus, our ToughResin Polymer is color matched to the same color as the exterior finish.  So scratches become barely perceptible and invisible in the all important event photos.

Our ToughResin Chiavari Chair is great for outdoor settings, marinas, outdoor wedding venues, and much more.  The lightweight and stackable design makes it a popular choice for party rental companies or venues that need to move the chairs frequently.  And our ToughResin Chiavari Chairs come in an assortment of colors including white, gold, silver, and black.

Shop our full selection of ToughResin Chiavari Chairs.

ProClear Chiavari Chair

Our ProClear Chiavari Chairs are among the most popular Chiavari Chairs of all time.  The clear chairs lets the lights shine through adding a bit of glamour and pizzaz to any event.  These are extremely popular for New Year’s Eve parties and wedding events.

Our ProClear Chiavari Chair has all the benefits of our ToughResin Chiavari Chairs but with the added beauty that only clear chairs can provide.  They’re waterproof.  They won’t rot or rust.  But they use their own unique polymer that provides the stunning clear finish.  The unique injection mold process captures small air capsules producing an ice like effect throughout the legs and back making each chair unique.

Our ProClear line of Chiavari Chairs are available fully assembled or can be shipped in smaller packages unassembled.  The choice is yours.

Shop our ProClear Chiavari Chairs.

Clear Resin "ThinVisible™ Chiavari Chair
Clear Resin “ThinVisible™ Chiavari Chair

Clear ThinVisible Chiavari Chair

Our ThinVisible Chiavari Chairs are very similar to our ProClear Chairs above, but they have a thinner seat profile creating the unique “ThinVisible” look.  The thin seats provide a more minimalistic look that is highly desired by many event venues.  Plus, our ThinVisible Chiavari Chairs are made entirely from a single mold.  There’s no assembly whatsoever. Heck, these don’t even have any screws.  It’s all made from our clear polymer.

Again, our ThinVisible Chiavari Chairs have all the key benefits event venues are looking for:

  • Great style
  • Lightweight
  • Rugged
  • Waterproof
  • No rot
  • No rust

Oh…And our Clear ThinVisible Chiavari Chairs also feature the unique air capsules that give it the distinctive ice-like finish.

Shop our ThinVisible line of Chiavari Chairs.

New Steel Skeleton Frame 45 Degree View Lighter VersionSteel Skeleton Chiavari Chair

Simply put, our “Steel Skeleton” Chiavari Chair is the strongest, longest lasting Chiavari Chair money can buy.   It starts with the heavy duty steel frame.  No other chair has a durable steel skeleton like this.

Our Steel Frame is then hermetically sealed in ToughResin.  That prevents rust and moisture intrusion.  So you get all the benefits of ToughResin and the added strength of steel.

The steel skeleton makes it strong — but it’s the finish that sets our chairs apart. It’s layers of high-quality materials. Unlike some lesser companies, we never compromise in this department. Here’s what sets OUR chairs apart, ensuring they not only look superior but also stand the test of time…

Sparkling Chair

Champagne Resin "Inner Steel-Core" Stacking Chiavari ChairColor-Matching Resin: Our inner resin core perfectly matches the paint color — so even tough scratches are virtually invisible!

Clear Coat Primer: We apply a clear coat primer and allow it to cure, ensuring a hard and resilient foundation.

Automotive Paint: For that exquisite, glossy finish, we employ automotive paint, known for its durability and deep luster.

Color Paint Application: After the primer, we apply the color paint, allowing it to cure for lasting vibrancy and resilience.

Unique Gold and Silver Sparkle: For our one-of-a-kind Gold and Silver Sparkle chairs, we introduce an additional layer of automotive sparkle paint, adding a touch of shimmer and elegance.

Final Clear Coat: Similar to the finishing touches on a high-performance racing Ferrari, we apply a final clear coat to safeguard the integrity of the paint.

With a total of four layers of super-tough automotive paint, our exclusive Steel Skeleton Chairs radiate the allure of a freshly minted car in a showroom. The deep, enduring color and finish are designed to withstand years of use, ensuring your chairs maintain their impeccable appearance and quality.

Shop our Steel Skeleton Chiavari Chairs.

ToughWood Chiavari ChairWhite Distressed ToughWood Chiavari Chair

Our beautiful ToughWood Chiavari Chairs come in a variety of colors and finishes that highlight the natural beauty of Real Wood.  Our ToughWood Chiavari Chairs are loved for their high-end wood finish and versatility.

Plus, our ToughWood Chiavari Chairs are reinforced with metal brackets on each leg’s seat connection.  Further reinforcements include commercial grade adhesive injected into each connection and nails hold all connection points together for huge strength gains.

For maximum longevity, we recommend our ToughWood Chiavari Chairs to be stored indoors.  That makes these chairs very popular with hotels and indoor wedding venues that want the distinct style, texture, and feel of real wood and have ample interior space.

How we produce the Best Wood Chiavari Chair

Shop our ToughWood Chiavari Chairs.

BasicResin Chiavari ChairBasicResin Chiavari Chair by Chivar

Our BasicResin Chiavari Chair has its own distinctive style.  Instead of the traditional traditional trio of horizontal spindles on the back of the chair, our BasicResin Chiavari Chair includes (4) four horizontal spindles.  Then, each of the legs are connected by a single horizontal spindle on the front and sides instead of the traditional dual spindles found in the traditional Chiavari Chair.

Our BasicResin Chiavari Chairs are 100% resin.  There are no metal parts.  There’s no wood.  Our BasicResin Chiavari Chairs are made from a single mold.  This makes them completely waterproof.  No rust.  No rot.  No warping.

Of course, the entry level price makes our BasicResin Chiavari Chairs a very popular for budget constricted customers that need a quality Chiavari chair at the lowest price possible.

Shop our BasicResin Chiavari Chairs.

Clear Resin Chiavari Barstool by Chivari BCRC-ZG-T RightChiavari Barstools

Keep the classic Chiavari Chair look at the bar or cocktail tables with our beautiful selection of Chiavari Barstools.  You get the same great look throughout your venue.  No need to hunt for a matching color or look.

Our Chiavari Barstools are available in ProClear Resin or Toughwood.

Shop our Chiavari Barstools to find the right color for your venue.

More Chiavari Style Chairs:

The classic Chiavari Chair has inspired many other chairs that share similar features with slight variations.  Let’s take a look at some of these contemporaries:

Napoleon Chairs:

Clear Resin ThinVisible Napoleon Chair by Chivari CNRC-MONO-THIN-ZG-T Right

Our ProClear Napoleon Chair is very similar to the Chiavari Chair.  They both have two rungs that connect the front and rear legs on the left and right side.  However, the Classic Chiavari Chair has two rungs connecting the front legs whereas the Napoleon Chair only has one rung.

A “Napoleon chair” typically refers to a specific style of chair that gained popularity during the Napoleonic era, which lasted from the late 18th century to the early 19th century. These chairs are often associated with the neoclassical design aesthetics of that period.

Napoleon chairs are characterized by certain distinctive features:

  1. Neoclassical Design: The design of Napoleon chairs is influenced by the neoclassical style, which drew inspiration from classical Greek and Roman art and architecture. This style is characterized by clean lines, symmetry, and a sense of proportion.
  2. Upright and Compact: Napoleon chairs are generally upright and compact in design. They often have a straight backrest and simple, squared-off lines.
  3. Versatility: Napoleon chairs were designed to be versatile and could be used in various settings. They were commonly used in dining rooms, living rooms, and other areas of the home.

Shop our lineup of Napoleon Chairs.

Bottom line:

We have the Chiavari Chair that can fit your needs, your budget, and your style.  Not sure which is right for you?  Give us a call and let one of our experts match your needs with the right chair for you.  Call 1-800-404-4847.

Chiavari Chairs side by side comparison.

Added Comfort

Ivory Extra Thick "High Density" Velcro Strap Chiavari Chair CushionDon’t forget to add some comfort and style for your guests with a thick cushion for your Chiavari Chair.  We have extra thick velcro cushions, vinyl panel cushions, burlap cushions, and much more in a wide variety of colors.  Find the Chiavari Chair Cushion that meets your style.

2" Brown "High Density" Velcro Strap Chiavari Chair Cushion



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