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A Modern Seating Masterpiece:

Save on our New Steelix All-Steel Chairs.

Our Beautiful Lineup of Tolix-Style Chairs.

Our Steelix chairs are rust resistant, lightweight, and stackable up to 10 high, making them easy to store and move around. They’re weather resistant, durable, and perfect for various settings like restaurants, cafés, or any indoor or outdoor event. Stylish and easy to clean, available in colorful finishes, adding texture to any space.



Each easy to clean chair has rubber pads inside the legs and under the seat to protect the chair while stacking — extending the chair’s life.

Our chairs stack efficiently up to TEN HIGH…

Each of our Steelix chairs requires just 5 inches of stack height.

Ten stacked chairs efficiently measure 83 inches total height.

We don’t use everyday paint. Instead, our Steelix chairs are finished with a super hard process: The paint we use is known as Electrostatic Powder Coating (EPS), which is a coating process that uses an electrostatic spray gun to apply an electrically charged powder to a electrically conducting material. One or more electrodes on the front of the powder gun charges the powder to 60 – 100 kV when sprayed. An electric field is created between the powder gun and the grounded work-piece. The powder particles follow these field lines and remain adhered to the object due to its residual charge.

What makes our chairs different?

Our Steelix brand chairs combine a classic urban style with precision construction for superior strength and long life. Each Steelix chair is crafted using high-grade industrial steel, designed for heavy use. And every chair features high-density rubber feet on each leg to protect both the chair and flooring. For storage and transporting — Steelix brand chairs are engineered to stack up to 10 high — easier, faster, more efficiently — and more safely.

Our 9-step chair protection process is the most extensive you’ll find, with attention paid to every detail, resulting in the strongest, most beautiful chair you’ll see this summer! — and the best part? We’ve extended our warranty on all Steelix chairs!

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