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CornerMax Tables

Toughest Tables. Toughest Corners.

CornerMax protection is an innovative design feature that provides superior durability and safety for sturdy wood event folding tables. Its secure construction reinforces table corners, protecting them from premature breaking due to the frequent bumps, bangs, and abuse they endure in the high-traffic event and social function industry.

Here’s the difference…

Drop an ordinary wood table on one of its corners, and the sheer weight of the table will crush that corner, making the table difficult to use — or unusable altogether. Drop one of our CornerMax tables on any corner and the energy from the weight of the table is partially absorbed by the high-strength polymer insert, with the remaining force of the impact distributed along the 4.25-inch area where the wedge meets the table and on the two bolts. Bottom line, instead of the weight focused on a single point, our CornerMax tables distribute energy across a larger area, thus preventing damage.

High-quality, space-age polymer protection!

Protective corner guards made of high-quality polymer are essential for plywood banquet tables to ensure durability, structural integrity, protection for surrounding objects, and aesthetic appeal. Reinforced CornerMax protection. For tables used in busy venues, our CornerMax technology extends the life of our high-performance tables.

Impact Absorption: During transportation, setup, and teardown, banquet tables are prone to bumps, knocks, and collisions. High-quality polymer corner guards act as shock absorbers, cushioning the corners of the table from direct impacts. This helps prevent damage such as chips, dents, and cracks, extending the table’s lifespan.


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